Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Investment Banking Corporate Finance

Mergers and Acquisitions advisory (M&A).

  • Acquisition of companies - Partial or full.
  • Sale (disposal) of companies - Partial or full.
  • Acquisition or disposal of minority or majority shareholding interests in companies.
  • Acquisition or sale of business units or subsidiaries.
  • Obtaining new shareholders - Financial investors, or commercial or strategic partners.

We provide M&A and equity/debt advisory on one, several or all of the steps necessary to complete an acquisition, disposal or funding.

Equity and debt raising

The funding to be obtained pertains to shareholders’ equity, debt (banking or bonds) or other types of securities or financial instruments that have both equity and debt features.

Depending upon the line of business and features of our client, Argovia Capital obtains the funding through one or several of the following sources: companies in similar lines of business, private equity funds, commercial or investment banks, or private investors (family offices).

Estimate of the value (price) of a company

This service enables a company’s management or shareholders to learn how much their company is worth (as an on-going concern).

The valuation can be done also for a subsidiary, business unit or investment project.

Why determine the value (price) of a company?
There are several possible reasons:

  • M&A purposes.
    A valuation can serve as a price reference for:
    • The acquisition or disposal of a company, either part or all of the company’s capital stock.
    • The entry of a new shareholder or exit of a current one.
  • As a price reference in case the company wants to go public through an initial public offering (IPO).
  • Fulfillment of domestic or international accounting, or tax, regulations.
  • Issue of Independent Expert Fairness Opinions required by government, securities or banking authorities.

Debt restructuring

  • Development and implementation of debt restructuring plans for companies with high indebtedness levels, or substantial amounts of debt maturing in the short or medium terms.

Acquisition or disposal of non-performing or performing loan/credit portfolios (NPL or PL).

  • Credit portfolios of banks, “non-bank banks”, lending institutions, retail stores or services companies.
  • Advisory on one, several or all of the steps needed to buy or sell the loan portfolio.
    • Transaction carried out through public auction/tender, restricted invitation or private placement.
  • Estimate of the Price of the loan portfolio under consideration.
  • Finding loan portfolio buyers or sellers.
  • Due diligence of the loan portfolio to be sold-bought.

Valuation of brands, concessions,
rights and other intangible assets

  • Estimate of the market value of brands or trademarks, and service concessions or permits granted by the authorities.

Estimate of a company’s optimum debt level

  • Analysis and calculation of the maximum amount of debt that a company can have on its balance sheet, in order to maximize the firm’s value, and without jeopardising its financial and operational viability.

Financial structuring of investment and infrastructure projects (Project Finance/PPP/ Concessions).

  • Advisory to companies and government entities.
  • Development of an infrastructure project’s tender process.

Development of business plans to be presented to new shareholders, funding sources or the company’s board of directors.

Investment advisory regarding stocks listed (quoted) on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV).

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