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We believe that Mergers and Acquisitions work, together with the search for funding for a company as well, should not be perceived as an end in itself, but rather as the means to accomplish an end: increasing shareholder value.

Mergers and Acquisitions are not isolated entities; they are impacted by several elements, including:

  • Valuation of the acquiring and target companies.
  • Financial situation and profitability of the companies involved in the transaction.
  • Indebtedness levels of the acquiring and target companies.
  • Competitive situation of the companies involved in the transaction.
  • Funding of the transaction.
  • Banking and capital markets´ current and prospective situation, both domestically and internationally.
  • Degree of interest from domestic and foreign investors in the target company’s industry.
  • Number of players (in Mexico and abroad) in the target company’s line of business.
  • Financial forecasting for both the acquiring and acquired companies.

    Argovia Capital has ample experience not only in M&A strictly speaking, but also in the analysis and carrying out of all of the abovementioned elements. This experience translates not only into the successful conclusion of an M&A deal or funds raising, but also into the accomplishment of the ultimate goal: an increase in shareholder value relative to the acquiring or acquired company.

We are a firm devoted solely to providing corporate finance advisory. Importantly, we are independent from: a) funding sources and, b) providing other types of advisory services. Consequently, Argovia Capital’s services are impartial and free from conflicts of interest.

Our motivation is to obtain a benefit for our clients. In view of this aim, we provide advisory only in those projects in which we initially perceive that our client’s goals and objectives are feasible and realistic.

Throughout our experience we have developed a wide professional contacts network in Mexico and abroad. This network includes funding sources, such as commercial and investment banks, security brokerage firms, private equity funds, private investors (family offices), or companies that can be part of an M&A transaction (either on the buy or sell sides).

Additionally, we have relations with firms that provide services complementary to Argovia Capital’s, although frequently necessary to carry out an M&A transaction. For instance: law, tax or accounting firms.

We provide our services within all of Mexico and in any country. We are proficient in or knowledgeable of different languages.

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